Heat pumps are an efficient way to heat your home and provide hot water. In simple terms, they work by taking heat from an external source and compressing the resulting liquid to increase its temperature. The heat is then passed onto the water in your system for use. If you are looking at which pump to fit, you will note that there are two main types – air source and ground source. Both are great for reducing energy bills and helping to lower your carbon footprint along with heating your home in a more sustainable way.

But how do you know which one to choose?

What benefits does an air source heat pump offer?

An air source heat pump transfers heat from the air outside to warm up your home or commercial premises. Usually, the pump itself is fitted to the outside of the property or at the rear of the building.

But what should you consider when deciding if this pump is for you? Perhaps the biggest factor could be cost. These pumps are usually less expensive to have installed as not much groundwork is required. As these units are installed above ground, you also need to factor in whether being able to see them is an issue. Air source pumps also have the advantage of providing cool air in the summer if required.

Why might a ground source heat pump be best?

This system generates energy by pumping water through underground pipes buried on your land. The water is warmed up by the ground and then goes through the pump to be used. As with air source pumps, the energy used can be used for hot water and heating purposes.

If you are on a budget, this sort of pump may not be the best option. As they involve lots more groundwork, the costs involved in installing them are greater. This type of pump can offer greater efficiency though as the temperature in the ground is at a more constant level. Although this pump takes longer to install and needs more space in your grounds, it cannot be seen once in place.

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