If you’re looking to learn more about biomass boilers, then you have come to the right place.

This method of heating is efficient, cost-effective and eco friendly. They will have home and business owners rejoicing. Join us as we dive into the beginner’s guide to biomass boilers.


What is a Biomass Boiler?

A biomass boiler is an eco-energy solution. They can be used to help with heating and cooling purposes. All you need is a space in your home and a quality installer.

While there are a few different boiler options available, the process in which they turn pellets into heat is always the same.

You start with your pellets. These then go through your pellet boilers. From here it will head into your buffer storage and then turn into hot water or heat from your space heaters.

Biofuel has been used for hundreds of years to heat homes, but here ate Viens Systems we are constantly learning and updating to the latest technology.

Are Biomass Boilers Eco Friendly?:

There are many eco-friendly systems available today. Whether it’s a solar hot water system or renewable energy heating – we are constantly looking for the best solutions for our customers and our planet.

The pellets used in biomass boilers have so many benefits. They are small in size and easy to store. They also produce a minimal amount of ash.

Most pellets will not produce carbon dioxide emissions to harm the environment. The amount of carbon dioxide emitted. These renewable sources are produced with byproducts and material that may have turned into waste!

Installing Your Biomass Boiler:

If you’re ready to install your biomass boiler or just would like to talk it through, our team is here for you.

We are a family-owned business that is truly passionate about Sustainable Renewable Energy Systems.

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