Solar panels are steadily increasing in popularity as more and more homeowners are discovering the benefits of solar power. A solar hot water system has many benefits, such as reducing the price of your energy bill, yet many individuals in the UK are still hesitant to install solar panels. We address some solar panel concerns and explain their benefits below…

Is it worth installing solar panels in cloudy locations?

As the UK is often home to cloudy, overcast weather, some homeowners avoid getting solar panels as they believe they won’t be able to generate enough energy to power a solar hot water system. In reality, even on cloudy days, the UK still receives enough solar energy to power solar panels and the UK receives equal solar energy to locations in France and Spain.

Will solar panels look unsightly?

Other individuals are concerned that solar panels will compromise the look and aesthetic of their home. Solar panels are sleek and discreet in appearance but can be placed on the side or rear of a property if aesthetics is a major concern.

What are the benefits of solar energy?

• Eco-friendly

A solar water system is a renewable and sustainable energy source, meaning it can reduce your environmental impact. Sustainable energy helps to protect the natural environment and create a greener world.

• Cost-effective

By using solar energy to heat your water, you are eliminating the cost of heating your water through other energy resources. This helps to keep the costs of your energy bill low.

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