Ground source heat pumps are one of the best eco heating systems UK householders can install. A series of underground pipes gently heat water using the earth’s natural warmth, before it is passed through a pump which increases its temperatures to levels which can be used around the home. There are plenty of advantages to installing ground source heat pumps, so if you’re considering an eco heating system then here are just a few benefits to consider.

Lower fuel bills

In 2015 the Energy Savings Trust found that the average household with a ground source pump could save up to £595 per year when replacing LPG and oil central heating and up to £1,465 per year when replacing an electric immersion heating. Those are some pretty tidy sums!

Generate income

The government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) programme means you could generate income, this is through a government grant that pays per Kw/hour of usage. A typical house in the UK could receive between £2,610 and £3,940 per year, so your heating system will more than pay for itself in the long term. For further information on this, a guide to current Tariffs and payments for RHI is available.

Lower carbon footprint

It goes without saying that this is a much more environmentally friendly form of heating system. LPG, oil and electricity carry a big environmental price tag, whereas ground source heat pumps make use of naturally occurring heat and make a minimal impact on the natural world. As we all try to find green alternatives in our everyday lives, this is a much better option for the planet.

Low maintenance

Lastly, such systems are very low maintenance. Once the pipes are installed it’s really out of sight, out of mind. Unlike boilers and immersion heaters which should have an annual service, these eco heating systems are real workhorses for busy family homes.

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