Many people today are conscious of their everyday impact on the environment and are looking at installing eco-friendly heating solutions in their homes. The Renewable Heat incentive (RHI) offers financial support to help cut installation and running costs.


What is the RHI?


The RHI was launched in 2011 for non-domestic properties and offered a subsidy, payable over 20 years, to commercial businesses using self-produced, eco-energy systems. This was then expanded to domestic properties in April 2014. Under this scheme, homeowners receive a quarterly fixed tariff worth up to £3,390 per year for seven years for every Kw of biomass energy produced by their system.


Which heating systems are eligible?


The type of system installed and the manner that it is used — whether that be for space heating or water heating — can affect the eligibility of your home for the scheme. At Vien Systems, we have a range of renewable energy heating systems that will allow you to apply for the RHI. These include:



What do I need to do?


The first step towards making the most of this scheme is selecting the best renewable heating system for your home. Once you’ve decided on one of our eco-friendly heating solutions you’ll need to have the system installed and commissioned by an MCS (microgeneration certification scheme) approved installer such as ourselves before obtaining a domestic energy performance certificate (EPC) from a registered EPC provider.


After this, you’ll be ready to apply for the domestic renewable heat incentive and power your home with renewable and sustainable energy.
To learn more about your options and how we can help, contact us today.