Energy performance certificates provide a rating of your home in terms of how energy efficient it is. These certificates are often used when you are buying and selling houses so that potential buyers can see how energy efficient your home is, and therefore how much it would cost them to heat it.


How do I get an energy performance certificate?


Energy performance certificates are relatively easy to get. First, you must find a licensed energy performance certificate provider, who can fully assess your home and provide a score. Once you have found a suitable provider you will need to allow them to carry out an analysis of your home in order to provide the correct rating for your energy performance certificate.


Often these providers will give you feedback on how every efficient your house is, as well as an official score. They may provide advice on how you can reduce heat loss such as eco heating systems or installing solar panels for a solar hot water system.


How much do energy performance certificates cost? 


The cost of an energy performance certificate can vary. Most providers will cost a certificate between £60 to £120, depending on the provider and the home in need of a certificate.


Does my property need an energy performance certificate?


If you are looking to sell your property, then it is vital that you have an energy performance certificate. There are a few exceptions to this: buildings such as churches, some temporary buildings and some listed properties do not need a certificate. For a full list of exempt properties, take a look at the UK Government’s energy performance certificate page.


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