Bryn Oerog, Llangollen

Bryn Oerog, Llangollen

Biomass Solution:

This 6 bedroom house , office and tack room had been guzzling oil so it was an obvious solution to convert to biomass and enjoy the fuel savings and the Renewable Heat Incentive and the reduction in carbon emissions. The 70 kW ETA Hack biomass boiler was installed into a purpose built boiler house in January 2014 and has now achieved accreditation for the RHI.

Fuel Requirement:

G50 / W30 wood chip

Fuel Source:

Wood chip is delivered in 40 cubic metre tipping loads onto a concrete pad and then loaded into the fuel bay with tractor and front end loader

CO2 Savings:

Carbon savings equate to 15 tonnes CO2


50% fuel savings and 21% return on capital


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December 29, 2017