Myth: Heat pumps are expensive

While it’s true that the initial installation and set-up of heat pumps can be expensive – whether it be a ground source or air source heat pump – these upfront costs will result in savings that you can reap later on. It’s a long-term investment for sure but, if you plan on living in a property for a long time, it’s a one-time cost that will serve you for decades to come.

Myth: Heat pumps need to stay on all the time

While older versions of heat pumps might have needed to stay on for longer periods of time to heat up your house effectively, technological advancements have meant that newer models are far more efficient. Therefore, as long as your house has adequate insulation, you can operate your heat pump just like a regular radiator – on an as and when basis.

Myth: Heat pumps are noisy

As previously stated, older models of heat pumps used to be bulky and not well put-together. Now, however, the heat pump technology has been streamlined to produce more heat while omitting minimal noise. Newer models boast noise reduction levels that are similar to that of standard heating, so there really is no difference.

Myth: Heat pumps are a one-purpose investment

Contrary to radiators, many heat pumps can also be installed to cool as well as heat. This means they are a versatile piece of kit to have in your home all throughout the year; it can warm you up in the winter and cool you down in the summer. Radiators don’t do that!

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