A fire is a disastrous event, which is why it’s important to be prepared for this kind of occurrence. One option is to look at sprinkler systems, which are automatically activated when a fire starts, and can save lives. With the number of fires in the UK on the rise, this could end up being a wise investment, so here are some types of sprinkler to consider.


Dry sprinklers

If you have an area that’s cold, like a garage or veranda in Birmingham, then a dry sprinkler might be the best option. In unheated areas, wet sprinklers can freeze, but a dry pipe is full of pressurised air rather than water. When a fire is detected, the air is pushed out the sprinkler, allowing water to flow through to control the fire. If you’re concerned about whether it’ll affect your eco heating systems, then speak to your installer who’ll be able to reassure you.

If you’re worried about an accidental activation, then you may want to look at pre-action systems, which either have a delay or a two-step process for activation, so they don’t simply switch on as soon as a minor fire is detected.


Wet pipe sprinklers

These are perhaps one of the most common fire sprinkler installations. When a fire is detected, they switch on, with water coming from your pipes. If you have an eco-energy water system or similar, this shouldn’t be affected.

In commercial environments, a deluge system is often used, as this covers wider areas. This is often used in areas where there’s a danger of wide, rapid spread of fire, such warehouses. If you use eco energy in Wales, then these systems can be powered from your system.

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