Safety in the event of a fire is of utmost importance for business owners. A fire can begin in just an instant and can spread in a matter of seconds. Those businesses that invest in an effective fire protection system in the UK can benefit from the peace of mind that they are protected if a fire were to start, and know that their workers and their property are protected. Fire protection systems, when they perform as expected, reduce building damage, protect important documents, equipment and inventory, and can save lives.


Fire Sprinklers are a vital component of any fire protection system. Fire sprinklers are by far the most efficient and effective safety devices. They save lives, prevent injuries and damage to your property in the event of a fire. Vien Systems design, supply, and install fire sprinkler systems for both domestic and residential properties. All our fire sprinkler systems comply and exceed British Standards as set out by law, and our expert knowledge of building regulations allows us to install our devices where they are most effective, protecting you and your property.


New fire suppression building regulations came out on 1st January 2016, which affects new houses and flats, care homes, residential rooms, registered group homes, and sheltered housing. Click here for more information on mandatory fire protection systems in Wales.


Vien Systems Wales are experts with many years of experience in fire protection solutions. Our dedicated team can help you to make your property as safe as possible so that you can protect the things that are most important. Enquire now to find out how we can tailor a fire sprinkler system to your individual needs, or alternatively give us a call on 07966 551 835.