Solar hot water systems are an increasingly popular way of heating a home. They use the sun’s heat to supply domestic hot water. Thanks to boilers and immersion heaters, a solar hot water system can provide a property with hot water whenever you need it, making it a great way of heating your house.

How Do Solar Hot Water Systems Work?

Solar hot water systems work via solar panels containing fluid. Typically these panels are located on roofs. The fluid in the panels is warmed by the heat from the sun. This is then used to heat your water supply, which is stored in a hot water cylinder. An immersion heater can be used to store backup water, to help ensure you can get the water to the temperature you want.

What are the Benefits of a Solar Hot Water System?

Replacing your gas or electric heating system with a solar hot water system can save you between £65-75 per year in bills.

If your solar hot water system has a Ground Source Heat Pump, you can also qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) programme. Under this programme, a 4 person household would receive £335 per year (figure correct as of 2015).

Because the systems supplied by Vien Systems are durable and reliable, maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.

Aside from the financial benefits, solar hot water systems also have fantastic environmental benefits. Lower your carbon footprint and help make your home as eco friendly as possible.

How Vien Systems Can Help

Vien Systems are experts in solar hot water systems and other heating systems. UK customers can also benefit from Vien System’s experience in installing sustainable energy systems and fire protection systems, contact us to find out how we can help.