Heating your home can come at a huge cost, both to yourself and the environment. Balancing the desire to save money and to be environmentally friendly is tricky, but more and more green energy systems are also giving customers financial savings. Here are three eco-friendly heating systems you could consider for your home:

Biomass Heating Systems

These are wood-fueled heating systems, which burn logs or wood chips, to power central heating systems or individual rooms. According to the Energy Savings Trust, biomass heating systems can save the average household £900 per year. Biomass is also better for the environment, as the carbon dioxide released during burning is similar to the amount absorbed while the trees were growing. As long as new trees are being planted, biomass is considered sustainable. This is why biomass heating systems are often regarded as the most eco-friendly heating systems.

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs)

ASHPs absorb warmth from the external air and use it to heat a property. If used effectively with larger radiators and/or underfloor systems, ASHPs heat your home for much longer than a gas-fired heating system. Not only can ASHPs reduce your heating bill, but they can also reduce your emissions. They are also easy to install and require low levels of maintenance. However, they do come with a high upfront cost.

Solar Thermal Panels

These are eco-friendly heating systems that absorb heat from the sun in solar collectors. These collectors are fitted to your roof. The heated fluid is then transferred to your hot water tank, where it is ready to use. Solar thermal panels are usually used alongside other systems, such as heat pumps or infrared heating panels. As with other heating systems, UK customers will have to pay a high upfront cost, but they require very little maintenance.

How Vien Systems can help

Vien Systems are experts in eco-friendly heating systems, so UK customers can benefit from Vien System’s experience in installing sustainable energy systems and fire protection solutions. Contact us now to find out how we can help.